2020 Engagement Ring Trends

As a top Tucson jeweler and Foothills jewelry store, I regularly assist men and couples with the most important piece of jewelry they will ever acquire and gift: their engagement ring. Well guys, the good news is: the hard part is over, you've found her! And you're now ready to spend the rest of your life with her. Selecting an engagement ring is not difficult, and I make the process fast, simple and affordable. To learn more, please watch my two minute video here.

Engagement rings come in an unending selection of styles and prices. A quick glimpse of some designs I've created is on my engagement ring page. Today some couples choose a color gemstone instead of diamond as the centerpiece of their ring. I have more information about color gemstones here.

Now let’s get up to speed on which design styles I see trending up and down for brides-to-be in 2020:

Trending Up:

  • 1) Super-skinny bands: a 1-2mm wide band plain (no accent diamond) band set with a solitaire appears to be an in-demand setting. It’s a classic look but also delicate and frankly not appropriate for larger diamonds. It does allow for easy stacking of other rings.
  • 2) Oval-shaped diamonds have been one of the most popular shapes for a few years now. And they continue to sell well. Blake Lively launched this trend with her engagement ring, and since then many celebrities including Hailey Bieber and Sarah Hyland were engaged with an oval-cut ring. Ovals are beautiful and because they show their carat weight well and are very finger flattering.
  • 3) Platinum settings are staging a strong comeback. Consumers like the heavier weigh of platinum and know it’s overall strength is best for holding and keeping larger and important diamonds safe.
  • 4) Hidden halos are now a popular request. It’s basically cosmetically decorating a structural part of the engagement ring. For example, adding pavé diamonds to the metal wire on the basket of the ring. A hidden halo doesn’t change or affect the look of your overall ring as a typical halo would. It just provides a glimpse of sparkle from the side.

On the decline and trending down:

  • 1) Pear-shaped diamonds, though quite popular last year, mostly because of the large number of celebrity engagements that featured a pears (Ariana Grande, Cardi B, Paris Hilton). But the trend has cooled and shifted to ovals. Also antique diamonds, like old mines and ole European cuts are growing in demand.
  • 2) East-West diamond settings were also on the decline this year. This unique setting style seems to be being replaced with more dainty solitaires or two-stone rings.
  • 3) Rose gold: Rose gold was a popular metal request for brides last year, but this year seems to be more about white and yellow gold! Rose will likely stay popular smaller everyday pieces and remains a great choice for those whose skin tone is best complimented by rose.
  • 4) Chunky halos were designed to make your diamond appear larger from far away have been on the decline for a while. They appear to have been replaced by thin dainty halos that almost appear to be an extension of the center diamond.

High value jewelry and engagement rings should be acquired at a local jewelry store where you can personally examine the piece before you buy it. That's exactly how it works with me, your Tucson jewelry store.

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