5 Tips for Selling Your Old Gold and Broken Jewelry

You’ve probably read or heard that gold is now selling at all time highs. As a result, I’ve been bombarded with calls to 520-382-9221 and website messages and request to schedule appointments from here by people all of Tucson who want to sell their old and broken gold jewelry.

As a respected Tucson jeweler and fine jewelry store, of course I buy unloved and old gold, diamond, precious gem and sterling silver jewelry. Clients from Green Valley to Marana and Vail to Casa Grande regularly schedule appointments to sell their jewelry to me. Because I am patient, compassionate and honest.

You know there are Tucson jewelers and pawn shops that advertise themselves as the best place to sell your engagement ring, wedding bands, diamonds and inherited jewelry. Even so-called "refineries" and coin dealers post signs saying: "we buy gold Tucson" or "sell gold Tucson." It's confusing, I know that. Did you know, the best place to sell an engagement ring, bridal bands and other jewelry is to someone you trust? If you're unsure about who that may be, start a Google search looking for 5-star reviews and educate yourself. Plus here are 5 tips to help get you started:

1) Don’t sell on impulse

Just because the value of gold is up, doesn’t mean you should liquidate everything. Carefully evaluate each piece of jewelry you are thinking of selling. Decide if it has an emotional value and if that outweighs the money you will receive. Ideal pieces to sell are broken items, earrings that no longer pair because one was lost and outdated styles and inherited items you’ll never wear.

2) Understand what you have

Gold jewelry is NOT 24 karat pure gold. Most jewelry manufactured in the United States is 10K, 14K or 18K gold that is comprised of gold and other metal alloys. When selling your gold, you are paid by the weight of the percentage of pure gold in each piece.

3) Get an appraisal

If you have what you think is a particularly old or valuable piece or collection, it may be worthwhile to pay an independent third party appraiser to give you a “wholesale value” (this is important, NOT a “retail” or “insurance” value, only a wholesale value) or your piece. This will give you a good idea of the piece’s value before you look for offers to sell it. This is no different than hiring a real estate appraiser to help you with the house you are thinking of buying or selling.

4) Shop around

Go to several places that advertise “we buy gold” to get more than one offer. The offers you receive may vary significantly depending on where you sell it.

5) Be realistic on values

Selling gold jewelry will not make you rich. It will, however, put some extra dollars in your pocket. Remember that both the jeweler and their refinery need to make a profit, or they won’t buy your jewelry.

Look for jewelry buyers who:

  • Are experts, educated by the worldwide recognized Gemological Institute of America
  • Are A+ rated by the Better Business Bureau
  • Have the most 5-star reviews on Google, Facebook and LinkedIn
  • Visit the buyer's websites to check-them-out. Do they post client testimonials with full names, dates and locations of their clients, so you can contact any you might know, directly?

My clients tell me, repeatedly, I offer them more money for their jewelry than anyone else. They are surprised and thrilled and they tell their friends. Often within a week or two of selling an old ring to me, a relative or friend will schedule an appointment to sell their unwanted gold. That's the way it works when you follow the Golden Rule and treat clients as you would expect to be treated yourself.

I buy gold, silver and platinum engagement rings, wedding bands, old or inherited jewelry, timepieces and watches, coins and currency, bullion and precious metal bars. I also buy all sorts of jewelry-related items you may not think have value including for example: sterling silver flatware and Native American sterling silver and turquoise jewelry and bolo ties.

Finally, I offer a generous trade-in policy. If you have old or inherited gold, silver or platinum rings and jewelry I will accept them in trade for new or custom-designed pieces that reflect your taste and style.

Please think of me, when you or your friends want to sell their jewelry.

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