Acquiring a Fine Watch

Being as well respected as any of Tucson's jewelers, I'm often asked about acquiring a fine timepiece. About half of the time men are contacting me directly about a watch they've seen online. The other fifty percent, are women who call me for assistance with their husband's birthday, anniversary or Christmas present. My Tucson jewelry store buzzes in December with Christmas watch questions. And since there are so many brands and styles, I simply can't list them all online in my jewelry collections page.

Here is a list of the most important questions you should consider when acquiring a fine timepiece. Certainly some are obvious, especially if you want a brand new watch and are simply looking to pay less than the manufacturer's suggested retail price. However there is a huge market in fine pre-owned watches. Think of it as being similar to buying a used car. There are all levels of quality and price. Knowing the answers to these questions, before contacting me, will save us both a great deal of time and allow me to zero-in quickly and find the perfect watch for you or your loved one.

  1. Are you looking for new or pre-owned watch?
  2. Do you know which brand and model you want?
  3. Do you have the model number? (This number is most helpful.)
  4. If the dial is available in different colors, what color do you want?
  5. Which bracelet or strap do you want, if it is available in more than one option?
  6. What is your budget?
  7. Are you prepared to buy based on pictures alone (to get the best deal), or do you want to try it on first?
  8. How soon do you need the watch?
  9. What's your approximate wrist size?
  10. If buying pre-owned, do you require the original box and paperwork? (This could significantly increase the cost.)

A word about budgets: understand, like anything else: you get what you pay for. If you want to pay rock-bottom, you should assume the watch will have minor scrapes and scratches and forget the original box and paperwork. If you want a pristine and "gift-worthy" timepiece with the box and manuals, etc, you need to be prepared to pay for this. Again is easiest to think about this as being similar to the used car buying experience.

Please think of me and tell your friends when considering a fine timepiece purchase. And if you decide a watch isn't for you, you can see dozens of my fine jewelry pieces in my custom designs and collections pages.

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