Five Wedding Hacks That Can Save You a Bundle

Jewelers are the "tip of the spear" of weddings. In other words, we're first and nothing much really happens before our involvement. As you know, I'm quite different than a typical Tucson jewelry store and having sold hundreds of diamond engagement rings and wedding rings to couples here and nationwide, I'm often asked for wedding planning advice. Couples want their wedding to be special but the thought of spending the equivalent as the cost of a college degree is simply out of the question.

Here are my 5 best wedding hacks to help you celebrate and save money on the most important day of you and your fiancée's life:

  1. Forget June: Less than 10% of all weddings occur in the month of June, so why pay abnormally high fees to every vendor, for a tradition that may have been started by the catering industry, to increase sales during a slow month? Pick one of the other eleven months and no one will be annoyed with you. And while you're thinking about dates, Friday nights and Sunday afternoons are always more affordable than Saturday nights.
  2. Downgrade your menu but not your dessert. No one ever remembers what meal was served, whether it was beef or chicken or fish, so you don't need to serve lobster and filet. If your wedding is taking place at a large hotel or banquet facility with other events occurring the same night, ask what the other people are serving. If you like their menu, offer to order the exact same thing for 25% less. Understand, it's significantly easier for the kitchen to "double-up" on one menu than create two different meals simultaneously. Never be afraid to ask. However, spend a little more on your dessert. It's the one part of the meal people will talk about and maybe post pictures. Ask if the chef can create something special just for you.
  3. Kill the champagne toast. Did you know, with 100 guests, a simple champagne toast costs over $1,000? For many, champagne is an acquired taste or a drink they don't like. Why force your guests to dink something they don't like, when their favorite beverage is likely already in front of them? You can put the $1,000 to better use.
  4. Kill the floral centerpieces. They look great until you sit down to discover you can't see the people sitting across from you. Ask your venue to provide candles on mirrors for free. The effect is beautiful and you've just saved another $1,000
  5. Two places to never skimp: photography and bridal jewelry. I know the "jewelry part" sounds self-serving, but think about it: the next day, when the food has been eaten, the flowers wilt and the band has gone home, besides your memories which do fade, the only two things you'll see forever are: the rings you'll never remove from your hands and the photographs you'll never remove from your walls. Don't believe me, look at your parent’s hands and walls.

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