How to Care and Clean your Fine Diamond and Gemstone Jewelry

Caring for your Jewelry

As a knowledgeable and experienced Tucson jeweler I have serviced, repaired, cared for and cleaned thousands of pieces of Tucsonan's fine gemstone and diamond jewelry. Since diamonds and jewelry are valuable, you should protect and take good care of them. Start by keeping them stored in felt lined jewelry boxes with multiple compartments and separators. Diamonds are the hardest substance known to man and only a diamond can cut another diamond. But a diamond can also scratch another diamond. And it can easily scratch all of the other gemstones and gold you own. So it's best to keep them separate from each other.

Check the Prongs

Did you know, many Tucson jewelers will clean and check your diamond rings and jewelry for free? As a Tucson jewelry store, I check rings frequently. The most important area to check are the prongs.

Prongs are the "claws" that physically hold a diamond or gem to a ring, pendant or other type of jewelry. They should be round, not flat and fit completely over the gemstone. Also, every prong should be snug and tight on the gem. The gem should NOT wiggle, nor should there be any space between the prong and the gem. If there is any light in between any prong and your diamond or gemstone, put the piece of jewelry in a baggie immediately and contact me to schedule a check-up and likely repair.) Unlike your teeth, well made jewelry does not need a check-up twice-per-year. However prongs, especially on rings do get banged around and can be bent out of shape. Furthermore, over time, gold and platinum prongs will wear-down and should be re-tipped. Under normal conditions and wear, have your ring checked every 2-3 years. Contact me if you’re unsure or would like your ring or any piece of jewelry examined.

Cleaning your jewelry:


Did you know, all gold, diamond and precious gem jewelry can be easily cleaned with warm water, mild soap and a soft brush? Really, that's all you need. Be sure to first pull-up the sink stopper and cover the drain. Do both because you can never be to safe. When you're finished cleaning, carefully dry your jewelry with a lint free towel or cloth. I do not recommend that you buy an affordable ultrasonic cleaner for several reasons. First the $50+/- models sold to consumers in retail stores are basically toys that won't clean your jewelry very well. Worse, they can damage many gems. For example, never put emeralds, pearls or opals in an ultrasonic cleaner. Finally, they can shake-loose smaller accent diamonds and gems that can easily be lost. So leave the ultrasonic and steam cleaners to the professionals.

Many of your Foothills neighbors rely on me for their jewelry repair, service and cleaning. I hope you will too. If you have a question, please feel free to call me at: 520-382-9221 or schedule an appointment.

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