Pearl is the Birthstone for June

According to ancient Chinese legend, the moon holds the power to create pearls, instilling them with its celestial glow and mystery. Pearls have been treasured for their lustrous, creamy texture and subtle iridescent reflections since the dawn of mankind.

Pearls are unique in the world of gemstones - they are the only one formed within a living creature. Because natural pearls are so rare and difficult to recover from the ocean's depths, the technique of culturing salt and freshwater pearls from mollusks was invented. Today, cultured pearls are grown and harvested in many parts of the world, the majority come from Japan, China and the South Pacific.

Cultured pearls are treated to produce a wide range of beautiful colors including: gold, yellow, champagne, pink, peach, lavender, gray and black. They come in many shapes and sizes, and can be acquired in both graduated and uniform strands.

Pearls require special care because they are sensitive to chemicals and acids. Avoid using perfume, hairspray, abrasives, solvents, and nail polish removers while wearing them.

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