Why Hire a Private Jeweler

You know I’m Tucson’s only private jeweler and a top destination for gold diamond jewelry and engagement rings. I also offer natural diamonds and gemstone rings, pendants, earrings and bracelets. My Tucson jewelry store has hundreds of designs to meet every taste, style and budget.  You can view some of them here or make an appointment to see all of them here.

Now, let’s take at look at why you should work with a private, by appointment only jeweler. Here are five reasons:

1) Did you know, I have significantly lower overhead than other jewelry stores? That means I can offer better value to you.  You see, because I don't pay incredibly high shopping or strip mall rent, nor am I financing a building, my expenses are lower than other Tucson jewelers. Plus, I don't have a staff requiring salary, high commissions, bonuses and benefits my overhead and cost of running my business is lower than all other Tucson jewelry stores.  And I pass these savings on to you.

That means, my diamond engagement ring clients can acquire a larger or better quality diamonds for their budget.  My wedding ring and wedding band clients marvel at my values. 

2) Did you know, I don't stock loose diamonds? This way I don't force inventory on you.  When you shop for a diamond at a traditional jewelry store, they show you the diamonds they have in stock.  It's their job to try to sell one to you.  It doesn't matter if you want a special diamond, a unique cut or special shape, they try to sell you what they have.  Since I purposely don't stock any loose diamonds, I don't try to sell you any particular one. 

Instead, we'll have a conversation about your diamond and ring. I'll explain how diamond buying works, ask you many probing questions and show you different displays and diagrams.  Together we'll figure out exactly what is the best for you based on your style, priorities and budget.  I'll then hunt all over the world to find diamonds that match your priorities and budget, all perfect for you.  I'll present them and help you select the right one.  To learn more, please view this two minute video.

3) Did you know, I have an incredible 10,000 piece selection?  Why limit yourself to what a jewelry store has on hand?  Suppose you want a white gold diamond bracelet or yellow gold diamond stud earrings and you don't like the jewelry store's inventory, do you shop all over town?  No, you meet me.  I'll show you an incredible selection from my collections of stunning and timeless rings, pendants, earrings and bracelets in gold and platinum perfect for every budget.

4) Did you know, you are my only priority?  Ever notice how commissioned sales clerks at jewelry stores always seem to be looking around you for their next customer?  In the middle of your conversation they start helping someone else or turn you over to another less experienced clerk.  When you schedule a one-to-one appointment with me, you are my only priority.  You will have my 100% undivided attention.  I'll answer your questions and solve your jewelry issues no matter how long it takes.  You are my only focus, period.

5) Did you know, I specialize in color gemstones like no other Tucson jewelry store?  I have the gemological education, knowledge and experience to select only the finest color gems. If you're tired of seeing pink ruby, hazy or milky emerald and light blue sapphire, schedule an appointment with me.  Besides the big three precious color gemstones: ruby, emerald and sapphire, I have stunning blue topaz, royal purple amethyst, sunny yellow and gold citrine, tanzanite kissed with blue or purples hues, deep, rich garnets and a host of others.  Whatever your birthstone or favorite color, together we can create and custom make jewelry you'll be proud to wear.

So, if you or someone you know is looking to acquire fine jewelry, please contact or refer them to me. It would be my pleasure to help. You can call me or simply schedule an appointment.

 I do sincerely appreciate it.

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