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Other than our facial expression, our hands are our most elegant attribute. No wonder rings are the most popular jewelry type. We choose a ring, not only to adorn our finger, but also to make a statement, a promise, an invitation. Whether rings conveyed the imprint of a royal seal or sealed a promise of marriage, they hold a special place of honor in jewelry history. And in modern times, they are equally as meaningful.

Rings can be symbolic, social or simply aesthetic in function and are always a reflection of their time. Rings say a lot about their wearer, beliefs, taste and sense of style. They can be simple or ornate. Rings made of gold or platinum can be set with diamonds or gemstones like ruby, emerald or sapphire or birthstones, in every combination you can imagine. Diamond engagement rings, diamond wedding bands, bridal sets, cocktail, mother's rings and more are all available here at the number one Tucson jewelry store.